High Tech Gadgets For a Modern Home

High Tech Gadgets For a Modern Home

High Tech gadgets are becoming part of our every day life and just like the mobile phone, we are all getting addicted to them for various purposes. As technology advances, the gadgets are also designed to perform complex functions such as security cameras, heat sensors, smoke sensors and many more.
Below are some of the high tech gadgets that are simplifying tasks and making life much easier and enjoyable.

Security Cameras


Security cameras are essential in modern homes for security reasons. These cameras are important because they can record all the activities that take place inside the compound. More importantly, the cameras can be connected to the internet where an individual can monitor them in real time. Modern security cameras are equipped with motion sensors that can detect unusual activity.
Once the camera senses that something is amiss, it sends a live feed then offers the user with options such as sounding the siren or contacting the police. These options can also be set automatically by default.

Insensor HD

The isensor HD is another cool security device. It is the size of an ordinary phone with a camera that provides 180 degrees view. More features of this gadget are;

  • 15GB Google cloud storage
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Skype services (such as video conferencing)


Xremote is a home system that can be used to control all electronic devices remotely. This device can control the doors, windows, lights and entertainment. Xremote has an application that can be installed in modern smart phones. This app allows one to control all electronic applications in the house using the phone. Xremote can also intelligently learn a person’s habit, and can automatically control a room according to the mood presented by the owner.

SkyBell Smart Doorbell


Skybell is a digital smart doorbell that links the door to the smart phone. This device is bundled with a microphone that allows a person to speak directly to the person on the door. No matter where the person is, the reply will always sound as if the person is inside the house.
Modern skybell have tiny cameras attached to them to offer visual effects and this can be used to record the activities that happen on the door.

August Smart Lock

With August smart lock, one can ditch away the keys and alternatively use the phone to unlock the door. This device uses Bluetooth communication to automatically unlock the door. Once the Bluetooth’s MAC address is recorded, the device automatically opens the door if the Bluetooth device is near the smart lock.